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Links! Bring out your links!

Ponyo as Totem by *Ravenari on deviantART

The amazing piece I commissioned from Pia Ravenari for Liam for his birthday.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of posting regularly again, which includes getting back to being on top of my rss feeds so I can do links round-ups again.  And so, some links!  Just a few, because I need to get on top of Google Reader in a big way.

Tansy Rayner Roberts talks about historically authentic sexism in fantasy.

Seven productivity myths debunked by science.

Jim Hines cover posing for a good cause.

14 writing tips from Anne Lamott.

So many rainbows this week

Rainbow on the way home

I am getting obsessed with Instagram again.  One of many rainbows seen this week.

The total writing for this week: somewhere around 10k forward motion.  I say somewhere, because I am shuffling some scenes around, which is totally out of my comfort zone (I am very much a writer of the linear persuasion) and I’ve lost count a little bit.  Plus I did one day of outlining.  Either way, I’m coming up on the 80k mark

Not many links this week, but here they are:

How to use Tumblr to grow an author platform.

13 ways to write with urgency.

Lisa L Hannett talks about knowing what you write.

Gender differences in fat metabolism.

Overtelling, overshowing, overselling.

Jodi Meadows continues her series on from idea to first draft with a post on characters.

Justine Larbalestier talks about how we can’t control anyone but ourselves.

Chuck Wendig asks how do you write what the audience wants to read?

Stress makes you sick by changing your genes.

How children learn: portraits of classrooms around the world.

How to clear your head, eliminate distractions, and finally write what makes you happy.

Links are sick of coughing

26-05-10 II The Weight Of All Those Willing Words Βethan via Compfight

So, I’ve been sick this week.  And I am thoroughly sick of being sick.  It’s only a cold, but it’s kind of a nasty one.  The kidlet had it first, then me, and now the husband appears to have succumbed.  We’re a fun household.

But, despite being sick, I have been writing.  To the tune of 10,500 words this week.  I’m even kind of liking this book again, so maybe I’m past the horrible middle?  Cruised over the 70k mark, too.

Links for the week:

Clarion 2012: Every brilliant piece of writing advice.

30 indispensable writing tips from famous authors.

Could this discovery be the key to treating Alzheimers?

Sarah Wilson talks about taking time.

Five fears that can destroy an artist.

Chuck Wendig asks “What’s wrong with fiction today?”

Peter M. Ball talks ideas


Links are kind of tired of the Olympics

Late Afternoon Jason Samfield via Compfight

This is me right now.

Please forgive any typos or weirdness in these links.  I am writing this post in a Friday evening while fairly exhausted and dealing with a chest infection.  And I’m not really that tired of the Olympics, I just can’t think of a better title.

The Readercon board issues a very good statement re the recent harassment issues.  I have faith in humanity and fandom after this.

Something everyone should damn well read: My friend group has a case of the Creepy Dude. How do we clear that up?

John Scalzi gives a guide on how not to be a creeper.

Why women are silent.

5 ways you don’t realise movies are controlling your brain.

Justine Larbalestier talks about the point of process porn.

World Fantasy Awards finalists are announced.  I am especially excited to see Cat Valente’s Silently, and Very Fast garner another nomination.

The Mythopoeic Awards winners are announced.

Justine Musk tells us the most badass thing you can do as a creative.

Sarah Diemer released two new stories: “Like a double rainbow, only better!”

Tansy Rayner Roberts talks about writing and motherhood.

Chuck Wendig gives us 25 ways to survive as a creative person

The men of steampunk. <– Can we just bring back formal dress for men as an everyday thing, please?  At least bowler hats and waistcoats, k?

Tehani Wessely talks about the Aurealis Awards,

Write about what makes you angry.

If something happens in your story, your characters must earn it.

The secret weapon of creating effective heroes.



Links are back with a vengeance


One of the many ravens that are constantly in our backyard this time of year.


This has been a weird week.  I have been writing, but it’s all been about forcing every word.  I think I’m skating along the edge of a burn out, but I really want to get this draft finished.  Also, I hate this book.  Can anyone tell that I’m in the middle of the book?

What I would really like is a weekend down south, just away from all technology.  It’s not going to happen, though.  Hell, I’d give for a weekend where I get to sleep until I wake naturally, don’t have to do any laundry or housework.  Also not going to happen.

I’m finding myself frustrated with reading, also.  Which I think is a factor of spending time reading books that really don’t grab me.  Alisa Krasnostein on Galactic Suburbia this week said something that really resonated with me (paraphrasing here) – being that it’s the book’s job to make you read it, not the other way around.  I need to work on giving myself permission not to finish books that don’t do anything for me, even if everyone else loves them.  There are too many other good and great books out there.

That whinge done, have some links!

Cat Valente’s Fade to White at Clarkesworld.  Go and read it.  Now.  It’s even free, though Cat’s stories alone make it worth subscribing to Clarkesworld, IMHO.  I may have squeed when the latest issue appeared on my Kindle.

Via EgobooWA: An excellent video on how to edit a book.

Angela Slatter shares a great infographic about the writing cycle.

Justine Musk shares 6 things you need to know about your inner genius.

10 foods you crave and why you crave them.

Does your diet fail because you sleep too little?

Justine Larbalestier talks about YA writers and duty of care.

Chuck Wendig talks about caring less as a writer.

Pixar’s storytelling rules illustrated in Lego.



Links are much belated


prints available at etsy.

Great opening sentences from classic fantasy novels.

Lifehacker’s ultimate guide to sleeping better.

Justine Larbalestier talks about the purpose of bad books.

Jay Lake talks about writing and impossible things.

What is intense parenting and why are mothers who do it so darn unhappy?

SF Signal mind meld: Non-fiction books about science fiction that should be in every fan’s library.

The Avengers painted as epic fantasy heroes.

Justine Larbalestier talks about writers and editors

Chuck Wendig talks about 25 bad writer mistakes.


Saturday links are random and few



Typography art of Neil Gaiman’s New Year’s Wish by idea-obscura

Tansy Rayner Roberts talks art, writing and literary awards: in it for the money?

Causes of death: 1900 and 2010.  The part that freaks me out the most is the last line: “Our previously steady increase in life expectancy has stalled and may even be reversed.”

Creative Legend George Lois on Ideas as the Product of Discovery, Not Creation

Dreading a Task? 5 Tips for Getting Yourself To Tackle It.

Terri Windling talks about artistic inspiration.

Whatever happened to horror?

Justine Musk talks about a cool mental trick to make yourself more creative.

A calorie is not just a calorie.


Links for the week celebrate the return of the light



Terri Windling shares writing advice: And I call it breathing.

Ferrett Steinmetz talks about novel writing: You’ve got two options: choose.

3 myths about villains.

N. K. Jemisin asks: Why does magic need so many rules?

Around the table with Brian and Wendy Froud.

The most efficient way to write your book and build your blog readership (at the same time).

Holly Black summarises Project Writer Faster’s early results.


Links try very hard not to suck

The Secret to Writing 

Alexandra Sokoloff asks Two books a year? – is writing only one book a year being lazy? (I have Opinions on this, but they will wait for another day)

Jeff Vandermeer talks story reprints.

Peter M Ball on four words all creative practitioners should live by.

Don’t believe it – become a fitness skeptic.

Six simple ways to gain more time in your day.

 Some amazing science fiction books for your kids.

Using setting as character.

Biphasic sleeping.

The four story pillars.

Nova Ren Sum talks writing productivity.

102 resources for fiction writing.

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar.


The week that was

Image from Karen Salmansohn.

This has been a kind of crappy week, mostly due to minor health annoyances.  I was struck by a migraine one day, and am now dealing with a head cold.  Minor stuff, but still damn annoying.

But I have still been writing, dammit.  Working my way through the edits of Never, albeit at a very slow pace thanks to my brain being slightly mushy.  I also finished beta reading an excellent novel written by a friend.  I’m always tempted to do more beta reading, but my time is fairly precious, and it does take time. It’s always rewarding, though, especially when you’re reading something by someone who is really talented.

Links for the week!

Aussie Spec Fic Snapshot 2012 – all the links!

The art of turning minimalist.

So you want to be a writer?

Dresses made entirely of light.

How to have a near death experience.

We’re breaking our planet, once and for all.

6 things you think you need to get healthy…but really don’t.

Should we eliminate psychopaths from the gene pool?

Great writers believe in themselves (so should you).

Taking the mystery out of query letters.

Five steps towards making peace with criticism.

Writing about race in science fiction and fantasy.  Part Two.

13 things you may not know about agents.

The art of learning your shadow.


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