One of the many ravens that are constantly in our backyard this time of year.


This has been a weird week.  I have been writing, but it’s all been about forcing every word.  I think I’m skating along the edge of a burn out, but I really want to get this draft finished.  Also, I hate this book.  Can anyone tell that I’m in the middle of the book?

What I would really like is a weekend down south, just away from all technology.  It’s not going to happen, though.  Hell, I’d give for a weekend where I get to sleep until I wake naturally, don’t have to do any laundry or housework.  Also not going to happen.

I’m finding myself frustrated with reading, also.  Which I think is a factor of spending time reading books that really don’t grab me.  Alisa Krasnostein on Galactic Suburbia this week said something that really resonated with me (paraphrasing here) – being that it’s the book’s job to make you read it, not the other way around.  I need to work on giving myself permission not to finish books that don’t do anything for me, even if everyone else loves them.  There are too many other good and great books out there.

That whinge done, have some links!

Cat Valente’s Fade to White at Clarkesworld.  Go and read it.  Now.  It’s even free, though Cat’s stories alone make it worth subscribing to Clarkesworld, IMHO.  I may have squeed when the latest issue appeared on my Kindle.

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