This week is turning into a week of not much actual writing, and lots of organisation.

Today involved the acquisition of some new stationary and filing organisation, and I began the task of truly getting my working area sorted.  The husband is amazing at keeping things organised, while I tend to just lob piles of paper into drawers.  Everything looks neat, but you can’t actually find anything.

The reality is this: if I want to pursue this as a career, I need to treat it like a business.  That means being organised, having vital papers where I need them.  I will note that I took particular joy in labelling a file “Contracts” today.  And realised that, even though I’ve only written three short stories in the last few years, I’ve sold all of them.  I have my fingers crossed for the fourth one, which is currently trying to find its place in the world.  I’ll never be a prolific short story writer, but I feel like I’ve levelled up there, at least.

I have my character bios rewritten, printed and filed away for Never, and worked on my place descriptions today.  Tomorrow, I’ll start getting my outline all sorted out.  I have hopes for this novel, and I really want to get the next draft finished relatively quickly.