I don’t know if I hate actual migraines or the fuzzy fog that follows a migraine worse.

I did manage to get rid of the actual pain of the headache mid-afternoon yesterday (painkillers and caffeine = migraine death), but of course the caffeine screwed with my sleep last night.  As a result, I’m somewhat tired and very short-tempered today.

But I have written, even if it was reworking the same words I was working on yesterday.  Yes, I was writing during a migraine.  I have become That Kind of Writer.

I kind of want to write more, but I think it would be foolish today.  I did manage to finish the first chapter, which has been sent off to a beta reader to have a look at.  My plan for this draft is to get one reader to look at each chapter as I finish it, and then I’ll see if I can nab some fresh eyes for the full draft.  Toying with the idea of joining something like the Online Writing Workshop, but we’ll see.

And now, I think it is time to go and rest a bit while the kid naps, and enjoy the sound of the rain outside.  And finish my current book so I can devour Mira Grant’s Blackout, which arrived yesterday in the mail.