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Sunset and rainbow

One bonus (maybe the only one) of the heatwave we’ve been having is that we’ve been having some spectacular sunsets. This was last night.  Gorgeous high clouds (I need to brush up on my cloud terminology so I can actually identify what kind they are), and then I turned around and saw the rainbow.

The rainbow was particularly amazing, because yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my father’s death, and the rainbows are the sign that my mother asked Dad to send her to let her know that everything was okay.  Thanks,  Dad.

Attempting to get myself back into blogging

For 2013, one of my goals is to complete a photo-a-day project again.  I’d also like to get back into regular blogging again (Public blogging, that is.  I ramble way too much in private.)  And so, thought I, I shall combine the two!  I’m not sure if I’m going to cross-post everything.  We’ll see.

This project is for 2013, but I started early, because this photo opportunity was too good to pass up.  These corellas (which I think are Little Corellas, feel free to correct me, anyone, if I’m wrong) were making a racket this morning dancing in the sprinklers across the road.  I don’t blame them, since it was over 30C at something like 8am this morning.  Heat wave.  Ugh, summer in Perth can be horrible.


Corellas dancing in the sprinklers. Click to embiggen over at Flickr.

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