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Reaching for the light

Because it has been too damn long since I picked up my camera.

Blessed Solstice to all who celebrate

The rising sun on Winter Solstice

The sunrise on Midwinter Day

We’re going to the zoo…

To celebrate my birthday this week we decided to take the kidlet to the zoo for the first time on Saturday.

I think he was more enamoured of the fact that we went on a bus, train and ferry to get there, and of the other kids at the zoo, than the animals themselves 😉  But he did like the meerkats and some of the small monkeys and he seemed to love the nocturnal house.

And – so cute – on the way home he turned around and asked “Go zoo again?”.  Heh.

I took a bunch of photos that I need to spend some time processing, but here are a few:



Kangaroo who thought it was a cat, sleeping in the pathway.



Australian Ravens

Still loving my new camera.

Australian Raven

Australian Raven

Do you think my mail says something about me?

In the mail

In the mail yesterday, a copy of the Wild Wood Tarot (which is pretty and awesome, but I find myself a bit disappointed by the quality of the cardstock) and another Green Man.  I think I might be a Druid 😉

The rituals of the everyday

It’s the rituals of the everyday that hold us together like glue.

There can be magic in the simple things – making tea, hanging laundry, sweeping the floor.  You just need to find it.

A pall of smoke hung over the setting sun

Smoky sunset

It was looking slightly post-apocalyptic last night.

The setting sun turned red by a heavy layer of smoke from a bushfire that hung over the city all day.

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