It’s a Sunday morning.  The kidlet and I have been relaxing in bed with the iPad for a while, and are now up and about.  He’s currently (slowly) eating breakfast and playing with trains, while I am on the computer, having eaten my own breakfast.  Spotify is running 80s radio for me.  The husband will be back from a fishing trip later on today, and everything seems okay.

I caught up with an amazing friend yesterday, which is a huge part of why everything feels awesome right now.  I am just so utterly blessed to have some of the people in my life that I do.  I also feel relatively on top of things – I’m going to get stuck into editing Never tomorrow, I have a nice list of admin type stuff to be done.  I just feel like I’m getting things done and moving on with life (levelling up, maybe?), which is always a great feeling.

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