POTD: Contributer copies
My contributer copies of Bloodstones.

Shiny mail today, as you can see.  One of those copies has been gifted to my mother already (because without her helping out with kidlet sitting, this story would not exist).  I actually purchased a shiny hardback copy, and am tempted to do a giveaway of my other paperback copy now.  My only caveat is that I’d really like you to review it (so if you’re a seasoned reviewer, all the better).  It is a damn fine anthology.  And you can hate on my story all you like 😉  I’m a big girl, I can take criticism.

Good and productive day today, in which I have been the most well I’ve been in a week.  Managed a decent exercise session, got a good writing day in (2400 words), and finished betaing a novel for a friend.  Just need to sit down and write out some notes on said novel, and I’m done with that.

Now for the weekend.  Long weekend, too (for Australia Day, for those reading overseas).  Not that the long weekend affects me much.  I expect I’ll be writing Monday as usual.  Hope you all have a good one, though!

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