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Belated POTD: Epic bedhead

POTD: Epic bedhead

Epic bedhead.

POTD: A prayer

POTD: A prayer

A prayer for a friend on my bedroom shrine.

POTD: Waiting

POTD: Waiting

Two of the regular visitors to the garden, a pair of Australian Ravens.  Part of a larger group, which usually comprises four or five birds.

POTD: The ending of a thing

POTD: The ending of a thing

In the mail today.

I started reading the Wheel of Time books back when I was at uni, probably in first year if I remember correctly (which was when I was 18).  I am now 35, and I hold the last book in my hand.

I don’t read much epic fantasy at all these days, but for WoT, I make an exception.  I am going back to the beginning and starting from book one.  I could be a while.

Photo of the day: A Stressed Cat

POTD: Relaxed Jilly

Jilly has a hard life. Really.*

*Technically, she does have a three-year-old chasing her and “loving” her a lot.

Catching up on photos of the day

POTD: Bye bye heater

Meet the old wall heater in our lounge room. As best as we can tell, it was installed when the house was built (1971). The people who lived here before us never used it in the ten years that they were here. I never dared to actually turn it on.

Enter the government’s gas appliance rectification program:

POTD: Heater gone

They came on Friday and removed the old heater, as well as the flue, gave us a new gas bayonet point and installed ventilation. We got a shiny new portable heater which we can actually move between rooms (and set to automatically come on in the morning before we get up – luxury!).  On Saturday, the builder came and bricked up the hole in the wall and plastered it.  We need to paint in the lounge room anyway (the whole house, really), so there’s no drama having the patched wall visible for a while.

The only annoying thing is that it’s the middle of summer and I have to wait months to use the new heater!

POTD: Instagram book

POTD Instagram book

Got a Blurb book printed out of some of my Instagram photos from last year.  Am quite pleased with it.

POTD: Visiting the vampires

POTD: Vampires

Today involved a morning lost to medical issues.  Including visiting the pathology lab to give way too many vials of blood.  Next challenge is booking in some wonderfully invasive tests.  Chronic illness bites, especially when it looks like you might be developing another one.

POTD: Exterminate!!

POTD: Exterminate!

The son of two geeks has little hope of growing up to be non-geek.  Saw these in the shops yesterday, and Liam was enchanted, immediately imitating the “Exterminate!”.  Never mind that he’s never seen Doctor Who and has no idea what a Dalek is.  Yet 😉

POTD: The Girl Who Would Be King

POTD: Girl Who Would Be Kind Kickstarter rewards


Got my Kickstarter rewards for The Girl Who Would Be King Kickstarter today.  Very shiny indeed.  Apologies for the terrible photo, it was horribly humid and hot all day today and my brain was melting out of my ears.

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