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Epilogue review!


Guy Salvidge has reviewed Epilogue and has some very favourable things to say about the anthology and about my story, Ghosts:

Stephanie Gunn’s “Ghosts” is another impressive offering in a now-rarely seen SF subgenre: life in an underground shelter after the bomb. Nadya and Mater are teenagers who have the mixed blessing of being fertile in a world where women give birth to genetic monsters and there are no doctors. Nadya’s father insists that she produce an offspring with Mater, but she has a different goal in mind. Visceral and concrete, like the bunker featured herein, “Ghosts” is among my favourite stories in Epilogue.

I am stupidly happy to be in this anthology, and totally chuffed that Guy enjoyed my story.

Look what arrived today!


My contributor copy of Fablecroft’s Epilogue.  Shiny!

Buy a copy of your very own!

Today has been, so far, a productive day.  Played with the kidlet for ages this morning, mostly building train tracks for him (holy crap is he obsessed with trains).  We watched a bit of Peter Pan, which always makes me sad/happy.  He is now napping, and the house is quiet except for the sound of windchimes outside.

It is a fairly bad pain day, despite me dragging out the heavy duty drugs.  Air pressure changes are fun when you have fibromyalgia.  Plus we haven’t gotten any actual rain here yet, which just makes it all not worth it.  It has gotten overcast in the last half hour, though, so hopefully we’ll get some.  It’s been a distressingly dry month, and tomorrow Perth goes into full sprinkler ban for winter, with little more rain on the horizon.  Thankfully, our garden is mostly natives, which will survive, but I may need to get out and hand water the roses a little.

More organisation today.  Finally diving into reworking the outline of Never.  I’m making some major plot changes, and also pacing changes – most notably, I’m splitting most of my early chapters into much shorter ones.  My brain is melting now, thanks to the weather, so I think it’s time to step away from the novel and rest/read for a bit while the kid sleeps.

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