So, I listen to a lot of podcasts.  I listen to them while I’m doing housework and while I’m out walking.  I have my regulars that I listen to pretty much as soon as they’re uploaded – Galactic Suburbia, The Coode Street Podcast, The Writer and the Critic, I Should be Writing, Writing Excuses.

I also download a fair amount of other podcasts (hooray for having a huge memory card in my Android!).  Among these, I have the full run of the Once and Future podcast, Anton Strout’s podcast in which he interviews many different authors.

For some reason, I’d never actually listened to an episode of the podcast in full, for all that I’ve been downloading it for ages.  Yesterday, I decided to listen to at least one full episode before deciding whether to keep it in my subscription list.  And so I listened to the newest episode at the time, with Yasmine Galenorn.

Seriously, guys, go and listen to this podcast.

I used to follow Galenorn’s blog ages ago, and had a bunch of her books bookmarked to chase up.  Then I got burned out on a lot of urban fantasy, unsubscribed from a lot of blogs and didn’t end up getting hold of any of her books.

After listening to the podcast, I resubscribed to her blog immediately.  And am probably going to order at least a few of her books.  I was that impressed by her interview and at her sheer determination to get published.

I’m not going to be unsubscribing from the podcast.  And I have a feeling it might be making it into my rota of things I listen to as soon as they’re released.