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Making some changes

I’ve noticed of late that my internet time is becoming a stressful thing for me.  There’s so much drama in groups and between individuals.  It’s gotten to a point where every time I sit down at the computer I end up coming away stressed and frustrated.

And so, I am making some changes.

I’m stepping away from a bunch of online groups and I’m going to stop following people who seem to give nothing but negativity to the world.  This means that I’ll likely be cutting down lists on things like facebook, livejournal etc.

I’m pretty much moving all of my blogging over to here, anyway, so no one is going to miss anything.

It’s time to strengthen the connections that strengthen me.


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  1. Katy-Rose Hötker

    I know exactly how you feel! I was just saying this, myself, last night! There’s definitely no need to allow stress to rule you, when you can be free of it xxx

  2. Bryony Keith (Roam Gloam on FB)

    Feeling likewise. Sometimes worry I’ll miss something if I don’t pay attention. . . but all I’ll miss is the acid reflux. (Not!) Besides, I remind myself, I can’t pay attention to everything in the world anyway, so I may as well be selecting those things that make whatever time I have left on this plane more joyful/less depressing.

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