Kangaroo paws at sunset 2The process of unfracking my life continues.

I’m still slowly whittling away at some of my online commitments.  One of the things I’m giving over is the guilt at not interacting with people online as much as I’d like.  I’m not spending as much time on Faceboook, and I refuse to feel guilty over not commenting on blogs or replying to comments much.  I’ve never been a huge commenter anyway (I don’t like to comment unless I feel like I have something useful to add) but I’m probably going to be commenting even less.

I’m still making chains of the things I want to accomplish, and yesterday I played with the Pomodoro Technique for the first time, with success.  Something about having that timer ticking away, knowing that I was going to get a break in X minutes, really helped me focus.  I ended up with about 2200 good words after two pomodoros, which I think is a win in all senses.

Today, I am physically and emotionally exhausted.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the techniques work for me when I’m fatigued.  It’s one of the great annoyances of chronic illness, I find – just finding that damn hair-thin line to walk between getting things done and doing too much and sending myself into a tailspin.  But ultimately, I can complain about it until I’m blue in the face, and all I’m going to accomplish is wasted energy and annoyed people around me.  This illness probably isn’t going to kill me any time soon (though in reality, it may shorten my lifespan) and it’s mostly under control with medication and lifestyle adjustments.  I’m extraordinarily blessed to have a husband who makes good enough money that I don’t have to be bringing in a wage, and family who help with the kidlet (and whose help, if I’m brutally honest, has allowed me to be able to have a kid, since I doubt I’d be able to cope on my own).

You fall over, get up, get up again.  Keep going.