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In chaos, there is order


This has been an…odd week.  A couple of days where everything got derailed – husband was off up north working on site and got stuck there when the airport closed due to a cyclone.  So the kid and I have been on our own since Thursday.  Bless the little guy, he’s been awesome – going to sleep without too much fuss and sleeping through the night.  You’ve never seen sad until you’ve seen a two-year-old’s face when you tell him that Daddy isn’t coming home as planned.  My heart breaks thinking of kids who get told that Daddy or Mummy aren’t ever coming back.

Links for the week:

Terri Windling talks about suffering for art.

Using Kickstarter to fund fine art.

This is how you organise a pantry!

Will eating red meat kill you? (an analysis of the study that’s been making the rounds)

The many ways science has (wrongly) assessed your personality.

How not to be a clever writer.


We walk through the wood, never wondering what lies beyond. But we will all go there, one day.


Things which keep me grounded; the view from the kitchen: tea, geekery, a kidlet not eating his breakfast


This has been a hard week.  Two lights lost to the world and moving beyond, two new holes in the world.  I wish I could physically be at the memorials for both.  My heart is there.

It feels somewhat wrong to be moving on (as it always does after a loss), but at the same time it feels right.  The loss of anyone is a reminder of what matters, to value those things in life.  To make our lives worthwhile.

I want to make my life mean something.  To be a good mother to that amazing kid above.  To be a good friend.  To write something that fills a hole in someone else’s life.

I will do these things.  I will make my time on this earth mean something.

On the mundane side, I have been keeping on with keeping on.  Still keeping my chains unbroken, and this week finally getting around to trialling the Pomodoro technique.  Much modified (which for me means that I pretty much only get one or two pomodoros in per day) but so far it’s working pretty well.

Some links for the week:

10 amazing real-world locations for fantasy worldbuilding.

Sometimes what feels like surrender isn’t surrender at all.

Dystopia and the ferris wheel effect.

Are the nutritionists lying to us?

The things that save us.

Are we too obsessed with happiness?

The five best productivity methods.

The art of being fearless.

On piracy and copyright and file sharing and free speech.


Links for the week

The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn

The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn by Garry61 on Flickr

Three Lies to Face Before You Find Your Passion.

Tips for Turning Online Procrastination Time into Research Time.

Beatrice, an app full of author interviews (with link to Kickstarter to fund it).

10 science and technology breakthroughs that caused widespread panic.

How to build the muscle of change.

Your privacy kind of sucks, fix it up this weekend.

Why I tearfully deleted my Pinterest inspiration boards. (I’m rethinking my own use of Pinterest because of this).

Shveta Thakrar on Domythic South Asia.

Date a girl who reads.

The urban survival skills everyone should know.

The 10 minute hack.

Three reasons you’re neglecting yourself.

Tuesday Therapy: Keep running.

The week that was, and links!

Someone is moving in

Totoro and soot sprite decals for the window. Because every home needs pieces of magic and wonder to make both kids and adults smile.

It hasn’t been the most productive week, to be honest.  I haven’t written as much as I would like, though I have managed to cross a few things off my to-do list in relation to housework and decluttering.  So that’s something.

Some links from the week:

Unfuck Your Habitat.

10 science policies we wish the government would implement.

Awesome firefly images.

The Fable Tribe have a new blog!

Learn 10 simple life hacks in 60 seconds.

How to fix common cooking mistakes.

Lessons learned from reading over 200 books.

Flowers grown from 30,000 year old fruit.

How to make your photos look like paintings.

10 things every author’s website should include.

Why we sometimes struggle to find the way forward.


Some links for a Friday

My front door with its attendant Green Man is featured on Domythic Bliss.

Cat Valente talks about writing while guest posting on Charlie Stross’ blog. (also parts three, two and one).

Love this desktop.

Lessons on living and dying.

Postpartum depression survivors share their stories of having more children. (The whole series of posts at Postpartum Progress have been amazing this week.)

9 essential skills kids should learn.

Ten writers on their process from rough to final.

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