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3 years old

Happy birthday to my little guy!  Hard to believe that three years ago, this was you:


And now:


Three years old, with very definite ideas about things that you do and don’t like.  You don’t like eating still (seriously, child, you ate half a chocolate cupcake today and then wandered away, bored), though you are far better at sleeping these days (apart from those darned night terrors and nightmares).  You love your trains and cars, Thomas especially, and you can name pretty much all of the engines from the series.  You love Superman, Batman and Iron Man, even though you have no real idea who they are.

You care about other people deeply.  You give huge cuddles, and love to hold people’s hands.  You say hello to pretty much everyone when we’re up at the shops.  You have your wobbly moments, but they are few and far between.  You also love your kitty, who has just realised that you’re old enough to know what you’re doing and will give you a light scratch when you’re tormenting loving her.  You love books, and you could happily be read to for hours.  You adore My Neighbour Totoro, and your current favourite movies in the world are WALL-E and Ponyo.  You love playgrounds, though you’re always a bit hesitant on slides.  You’ve just gained your confidence swimming, and are starting to do a pretty good dog paddle.

Another year and you’ll be in kindergarten.  And everything will change.  I don’t mind, as long as you continue to be the happy kid you are right now.  Though hopefully you’ll learn to eat soon 😉

We’re going to the zoo…

To celebrate my birthday this week we decided to take the kidlet to the zoo for the first time on Saturday.

I think he was more enamoured of the fact that we went on a bus, train and ferry to get there, and of the other kids at the zoo, than the animals themselves 😉  But he did like the meerkats and some of the small monkeys and he seemed to love the nocturnal house.

And – so cute – on the way home he turned around and asked “Go zoo again?”.  Heh.

I took a bunch of photos that I need to spend some time processing, but here are a few:



Kangaroo who thought it was a cat, sleeping in the pathway.



So this is 35


So, today I turn 35.

It feels weird to even write that.  In my head, I vacillate somewhere between being mid-teens and mid-twenties.  I have these moments where I just kind of sit back and am totally surprised at the fact that I’m an actual adult, with degrees and a kid.

It’s just past midday and I have done pretty much nothing productive.  I will settle down and get some work done while the kidlet naps, though.  I have been attacked by a short story, and I have a deadline for the anthology I want to submit it to.  Not sure if I’ll make it, but I’m damn well going to try.

I haven’t been blogging much (especially here at the website) of late, because I’ve been pretty much in survival mode.  We discovered that one of the medications I’d been put on for my arthritis was damaging my liver.  I’ve been off it for almost a week now, and holy crap, I didn’t realise how awful it was making me feel.  It was helping the arthritis, but everything else was awful.  I need to get retested to see if my liver is bouncing back (which I think it is, bless that regenerative organ), and I shall never ever be touching that class of drugs again.  The good news is that I’ve been actually able to start exercising properly again, which also means that I’ve been sleeping decently without needing medication.  Huzzah!

Anyway, I am going to issue myself a challenge: to blog here every day for the next year.  Which means that there are probably going to be few long, involved posts (but I do hope to do some of those, too!).  I have a huge stack of blogging projects I want to tackle: more “Not a Reviews”, blogging reading my way through the Hugo shortlists, and more Her Words and Worlds (I also need to repost my Kirstyn McDermott version of this).  And there will hopefully be photos, and probably lots and lots of rambling.

On with the next year, I say.  I think it’s going to be a good one.


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