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POTD 2013: Where I write

Writing nook cleaned and ready for the new year

I spent some time over the past few weeks tidying up the writing nook.  Which meant taking a whole lot of stuff down from my inspiration board, (mostly) clearing off the desk and putting up a new calendar and list of my goals for the year.  Also cracking open a shiny new Paperblanks diary for the year.

I still have some serious decluttering to do – the filing cabinet is a mess, and the basket things in the side of the desk are crammed full of everything that I’ve randomly chucked in.  There is also a very large pile of books leaning against the side of the desk that I need to lob at other people/get rid of in some fashion soon.  Despite that, it all feels good.  Ready for a year of getting work done in the word mines.


POTD 2013: Happy New Year!


POTD 2013: Jilly

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  1. The office is looking good Steph. 🙂

    I always love seeing where people write or draw or create. Reminds me of Where They Create, which is pretty cool.

    Ps. Word mines is a great term. I might have to start using that. 🙂

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