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In which I am snapshotted!

The Aussie Spec Fic Snapshot 2012 is a project that aims to produce a view of speculative fiction scene in Australia; as part of the lead up to Continuum 8, interviews for Snapshot 2012 are conducted by and posted at the blogs of Alisa KrasnosteinKathryn Linge,David McDonaldHelen MerrickIan MondJason NahrungAlex PierceTansy Rayner RobertsTehani Wessely and Sean Wright.

You can find the past three Snapshots at the following links: 20052007 and 2010

I am somewhat flummoxed (hi, imposter syndrome!) but very delighted to be included as part of Snapshot 2012  – you can find my interview with Ian Mond here.  I ramble about the Aurealis Awards judging, my own inability to write short stories and the projects that I’m working on, pretty much.




In which I get annoyed at writing advice


New to me: The Once and Future Podcast

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