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Sunset and rainbow

One bonus (maybe the only one) of the heatwave we’ve been having is that we’ve been having some spectacular sunsets. This was last night.  Gorgeous high clouds (I need to brush up on my cloud terminology so I can actually identify what kind they are), and then I turned around and saw the rainbow.

The rainbow was particularly amazing, because yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my father’s death, and the rainbows are the sign that my mother asked Dad to send her to let her know that everything was okay.  Thanks,  Dad.


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2013: A Year in Writing and Reading

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  1. These photos are amazing. It makes me think of the sky in a movie where a big international crisis has been averted.

    I love the colours in the first photo and the rainbow going through the powerlines in the second, like it’s reaching down to suburbia. Like your dad is happy where he is, but wanted to say hi.

    Happy new year, Steph. I hope 2013 is a great one for you.

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